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Saturday, December 3, 2022

“A true Coach won’t patronize you, but challenge you to take ownership of your game. To help you achieve a level that you may not see, but the Coach has seen already”

It’s All About Impact! 

What if I said that in discovering a more solid impact that you’d put forth less effort yet realize greater accuracy and distance?

“Playing the game involves managing your mishits and giving yourself the best possible chance for success on the next


Kyle’s Professional Profile

45 years in the golf Industry
24 years as a teaching professional
Henry-Griffitts certified club fitting professional
TPI certified golf fitness professional
Three victories and several top 10 finishes in the Northwest




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“The Truth”

I’m simply here to assist you in your journey through this wonderful game we all love so dearly, the game of Golf!


“I have to believe that a guided effort is far more desirable than a complete mystery”

As your Coach:
What drives me is the passion and desire I have for the game of golf and the thirst for greater knowledge of the “total game”. The total game represents both the physical and mental components. The ability to play the game; skill acquisition, technique, mental approach, course management, and most importantly, having fun in the process. The ultimate compliment for me is to see you excited about the positive changes in your golf game. 

Your personal road map to a successful learning experience begins with yours truly properly evaluating your flexibility/limitations, current swing techniques, level of skills mastery, and how well your game is paired with your clubs. You can eat any cuisine with any wine, but the proper pairing turns a picnic into a banquet.

Equipment pairing can include confirming that your current set is effective, making alterations to your current set where necessary, or properly pairing a new set to your stature, swing speed, and release type. Let the banquet begin!

Also , the game of golf is full of factors that transcend the technical. Together we will unearth the perceptions and beliefs regarding technique and skill. The full-range learning experience includes the ability to properly play your way around a golf course. This mastery is even more valuable than technique. To limit our focus to mechanics is to marginalize your ability to succeed. 

 I am committed to helping you develop and execute a game plan designed specifically for your learning style and tendencies. We will ultimately develop a swing motion that feels effortless, improves accuracy, and enhances distance. And we will increase your course management skills so you will efficiently navigate the mental/emotional/visual challenges within a round of golf.

 I look forward to meeting you!

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