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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Providing Golf lessons, golf instruction, golf clubs, club fitting, golf club repair, Clinics, Group golf lessons for Portland, PDX, Scappoose, St. Helens, Rainier, Beaverton, Bethany, and Hillsboro Oregon, Vancouver, Washington


Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or advanced golfer the fun starts with booking a lesson online or by phone. Initial golf lessons are always an hour in length. In this hour we will get to know one another and work through several evaluations to develop a road map to greater enjoyment. I’ll learn your goals, any physical limitations, how active you are, and the primary focus of any past golf instruction.

Your success will be relative to the amount of time, intention, and awareness you give to each practice session. Whether you are playing a round of golf, practicing at the range, or self evaluating at home, always execute your pre-shot routine and swing drills  reaffirming the look and feel of each drill and swing motion. Change begins with the ability to differentiate old motion from new motion. Repetition transforms new and weird into normal and comfortable.

We ALL have a blueprint of tendencies, otherwise known as compensations. Those compensations affect the outcome of a desired shot. I will help you identify your unique tendencies and how to correct them or maximize them.  Understanding your tendencies and compensations by observing them through ball flight and feel is the springboard to a productive practice session and a more enjoyable golf experience. How many times have you walked off the driving range and asked yourself, “what did I really learn today?” Empowering you with the ability to critique your practice, whether supervised or not, will speed up the change you are looking for and establish an approach for future areas of focus.

  • Fundamentals
  • Impact
  • Putting, Chipping & Pitching (short game)
  • Full swing
  • Uneven lies & Trouble shots
  • Course Management & Mental approach
  • Rules & Etiquette

You only get 18 perfect lies in a round of golf. Outside the tee box every lie presents a unique challenge. Understanding solid impact and the conditions that limit compression leakage are the focus of our on-course playing sessions. You will learn techniques for successfully executing shots from various lies. And you will learn how to experiment with unique lies when practicing on your own.

Most golfers will take the left brain element of a practice session (the logical side) out onto the golf course. Our natural tendency is to over-think and be critical of a work in progress when we make an off-target shot or a misread putt. My coaching objective is to advance you toward a “feel approach” vs. a thinking approach. The key is to constantly reaffirm the feel of the total swing motion and train this into the mental routine. Visualize and feel vs. think and freak. The adage is very true, “if you’re thinkin’ your stinkin’!

Your body has become accustomed to your life and work routine. Whether you work behind a desk, work with your hands, or raise great kids, your routine brings unique challenges to the motor functions of golf. Since you are committed to improving your golf game, a golf-specific mobility screening is essential. Age, health, past injuries, and medical procedures are often factors in limiting stability and mobility. Our 45 minute screening will identify areas of dysfunction and motion-compromise. This is foundational in establishing your tailored course of action to maximize stability, mobility, and power.

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